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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Well it's nearing 2016 now Walter, and I want to thank you all for buying Miracles in Red and sharing our testimony with others. Our prayer is that you have a blessed, and safe new year! God loves us all and only wants us to trust Him. Faith in Him has brought us through a failed triple bypass, now 10 yrs later 2015, we're still thanking God for our miracle of healing. God is still sending the beautiful red cardinal birds. We believe in miracles! We hope that Miracles in Red will bless you, increase your faith, and that you will know how much God loves you! Miracles in Red available at Christian World in Blytheville, That Bookstore in Blytheville, at Barnes and, and many online bookstores online. Published and sold by West Bow
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


  1. Absolutely precious and beautiful. Congratulations to you both, Cathy and Walter! Such a blessing to All. (((HUGS))) and Love.

    1. Thank you so much Barbara we learned a lot from your beautiful blogs, shares on Facebook.


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Walter, and I are very careful to give God all the glory for our book, Miracles in Red, because if not for Him we wouldn't have any miracles at all. He sends the blessings no matter how small. The most precious of all, life, and through His son Jesus Christ, life eternal. It's a privilege to share that even when it's darker than ever before, we are not alone, He is there.
Many years now after the cardinals came to join our back yard family, more birds have come to join in. As we relax after church today, a little wren lands in our Christmas wreath on the front door. We notice him, and peek out at him through the window of the door, he seems pleased and flies off. We recognize him because he flies in the back porch at sundown to rest up into our silk flowers we've placed around the ceiling with staples, and twinkle lights. If we happen to be outside right before sunset, there he is chirping as if to say, "Go inside please, so I can get in before dark". He ma…

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We want to thank Phil, and Anita Phillips for allowing Walter, and I to share their precious testimony of how God truly shows His love in mysterious ways.
My Pastor, Danny Pankey knew about my mother’s love for Redbirds so he got me a copy of your book, Miracles in Red that you autographed, shortly afte...r mother died but, I suppose emotionally I was not prepared to read it until this week. It was truly a blessing to me and stirred so many wonderful memories.
My mother passed away last Valentine’s Day and had found comfort in Redbirds because my father who passed away in 1994 loved them. She had several Redbirds that played in her crape myrtle trees in her backyard every morning and always said that was the Lord letting daddy visit her. They had been married for 52 years when he passed and had spent every minute since their retirement in 1984 together. They were the perfect picture of a stable, God fearing, southern family, who knew how show God’s love to each other as well …

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