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Little Bit...

 Walter, and I are very careful to give God all the glory for our book, Miracles in Red, because if not for Him we wouldn't have any miracles at all. He sends the blessings no matter how small. The most precious of all, life, and through His son Jesus Christ, life eternal. It's a privilege to share that even when it's darker than ever before, we are not alone, He is there.
Many years now after the cardinals came to join our back yard family, more birds have come to join in. As we relax after church today, a little wren lands in our Christmas wreath on the front door. We notice him, and peek out at him through the window of the door, he seems pleased and flies off. We recognize him because he flies in the back porch at sundown to rest up into our silk flowers we've placed around the ceiling with staples, and twinkle lights. If we happen to be outside right before sunset, there he is chirping as if to say, "Go inside please, so I can get in before dark". He marches back, and forth right in front of us on the house roof fussing, and fussing at us. Then as we peep through the french doors in the dining room that lead to the back porch, and we see him fluttering on the arms of the wicker chair, then he flies into his chosen flower of the night. Walter decided he needed a name as our other feathered friends have names, and he chose, Little Bit, because he's so tiny. You may wonder how we know it's the same bird? It's because he has the little ritual he does everyday. Soon when it gets cooler in autumn many of his wren friends will be coming to join him, as they do in every winter. We have many more sweet bird stories to share, we hope you enjoy them as we have. 

Dear Lord, please bless each one that reads our blogs in a special way that only you can do, we want to thank you for the peace, and serenity you bring to us daily, many times in the precious miracles in your animal creations. Thank you Lord, Amen.
Cathy, and Walter Hopper 

updated 2/19/2016


  1. Wishing You and Walter a Blessed Christmas as well. Precious, both of you. (((HUGS)))


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